Creating Sweeps And Risers with Sylenth and Ableton Live


Just about every Trance production of any kind has a sweep or riser in it, and this helpful video tutorial will show you how to create them from scratch.



[aside title=”Solid Transitions!“] Sweeps and risers are a staple in Trance music productions and a perfect opportunity to have some sound design fun![/aside]
Whether you are looking to build tension before a big drop or breakdown, or perhaps you just want a little something to create more interest and character in your song this quick lesson will have you designing your very own sweeps and risers in no time at all. These ideas and procedures are perfectly applicable to any other DAW and/or plugins. The basic foundation is simple enough, it’s what you do with your filters, effects, etc that really make it what it is.

This type of sound design is really one of the more flexible tasks that you may have when approaching a new Trance project. It is not only a truly blank canvas each and every time, but whatever you begin with is wide open to interpretation and gives way to inspiration. It can be just noise, or perhaps an atmosphere, or maybe a supersaw but no matter what direction you need to go in, you can.

With so many types of Trance music, we would love to hear what some of your favorite sweeps and risers are. Doesn’t matter what the sub-genre happens to be, or what artist made it happen, just let us know what rings your bell! Leave a comment below or give us a shout on Facebook to join the conversation.