Zen Ambient from Ralph Cree – Sample Pack Review

Zen Ambient is a big sample collection from Ralph Cree (Magic Drum Orchestra, Undulus, etc) that features some unique instruments perfect for many kinds of music production. We tell you what we think in this review!


Every once in a while we discover a gem that we need to share with everyone. Ralph Cree is no stranger to delivering amazingly popular sample packs and his passion is clearly heard throughout every one we’ve had the chance to enjoy here in the Lab. The Zen Ambient collection is one more release that we can add to his list of successful and passionate projects. He has gone on to use many of these samples in his own music, across many tracks. The reception of these sounds all across the music production industry has been phenomenal and we are proud to be one of the lucky few who has the opportunity to review it.

If you produce music in the downtempo, ambient, chill out, meditative, atmospheric or other similar genres, the Zen Ambient collection is one that you do not want to miss. Obviously, we like this one. But it’s not just because the sounds are stellar, or that there was so much care taken in the process of putting this pack together. It’s the overall production value of a collection like this one. Each sample can easily be transformed in countless ways to produce even more variation and handle processing incredibly well.

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Something we tend to shy away from here at OhmLab are samples that are either really only useful in one style of music. Of course there are times when you need to get your hands on something very specific and that’s fine. But we like to see sample collections that can be used across many types of music without much hassle, as well as being a good source of inspiration for new ideas. And we like to see those samples captured and processed using only the best gear for the job. The Zen Ambient sample collection checks all of those boxes without any exceptions.

Below you will find a short demo track that we put together for this review. We do not do any fancy mixing or mastering, so what you hear is a fair and transparent example of what you can expect to hear when you begin using these sounds yourself. Only sounds found in the Zen Ambient pack were used in the making of this demo. The only major processing we applied in the track was a long reverb on one sample to generate a nice atmospheric element for a subtle background. There isn’t even any compression applied to anything.


Here is a quick breakdown of what you can expect to find in the Zen Ambient sample collection. A whopping 1.89Gb with 64 Loops and 189 One Shot Samples recorded at 24Bit 44.1Khz including 4 Frame Drum Loops, 14 Tank Drum Loops, 10 Sansula Loops, 3 Piano Loops, 1 SFX Loop, 16 Djembe Loops, 11 Udu Loops, 5 Shaker Loops, 6 Long Freetime melodic Loops, 6 Bell Sounds, 32 Singing Bowl Hits, 5 Chime Shots, 6 Nature Field Recordings, 2 Frame Drum Hits, 21 Gong Shots, 11 Djembe Sounds, 13 Udu Hits, 5 Shaker Shots, 1 Sansula Multi Sampled Instrument, 2 Female Vocal Chants, 7 Tank Drum Multi Sampled Instruments, 67 Rex 2 Files and 25 Soft Sampler Instrument Patches. So yeah, there’s a lot to work with here.

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The Zen Ambient collection is a sample pack that we will actually use in some of our productions. Expect to hear it in both film and television placements in the coming months. We are happy to give our seal of approval for this set of sounds and hope that you enjoy them as much as we have while putting this review together.



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