AZS Spice for Dune2

Trance Sounds to kick off your 2017 music production

Here’s a round up of some great new sounds and loops to start off your new year with a trancetastic bang in your 2017 music production.

  1. First up, for Serum fans, is Zenhiser’s Serum Trance Presets.

Serum Trance Presets





This set features over 100 Serum presets, audio stems and audio samples but also throws in some midi files for good measure.

For more info including audio demos from Serum Trance Presets click here

2. Next up from Resonance Sound, is a Dune 2 Soundset.

AZS Spice for Dune2





Using the new Analog Modelled Envelopes that feature in Version 2.5, this collection has some great sounding Arpeggios and Sequences.

They’ve also thrown in Midi and Ableton Projects files into the release as well.

If you have Dune 2 – this is a great addition to your Dune 2 arsenal.

For more info including audio demos from Spice Volume One for Dune 2 click here

3. John 00 Fleming presents Variations in Trance

John 00 Fleming presents variations in Trance





A fantastic collection of Samples, spread over 530 files and over 270 loops, with a further collection of play patches for a rake of Samplers.

For more info including audio demos from Variations in Trance click here




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