Sample Pack Review: The Magic Drum Orchestra – Samba Drums & Percussion

The Magic Drum Orchestra really knocked this one out of the park! Some of the most fun we’ve had reviewing a sample pack in some time. We break down why in this quick post!

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We try to limit the amount of time we spend with the presets and samples we review here in the studio because it helps to keep things fair and consistent from one to the next. Sometimes we get handed sounds that just make us want to ditch our other responsibilities and play all day. The Magic Drum Orchestra Samba Drums & Percussion sample collection most definitely made this one of those times. But we’ll still keep things on the level and tell you the ups and downs of the pack just like any other as we get through this post together.

The sounds in The Magic Drum Orchestra Samba Drums & Percussion sample collection are great, through-and-through! And there is plenty of diversity in both instrument choice and the approach to capture and delivery of said sounds. These samples and loops are truly meant to be dropped into your projects with very little hassle involved. The large majority of the sounds are perfectly EQd for you in advance, to remove unwanted low-end frequencies. The loops provided are organized by BPM and are representative of the different types of Samba grooves most likely to make you get up and dance. The sampler kits are each built with care and the instrument selection in them is great. Fear not, though! These sampler kits are easily customized in a matter of seconds if you want to change things up a bit.

A few of the loops had slightly short releases and we even caught a couple of beats that were cut short. But the large majority (like, 99.5% of the sounds) are perfectly timed and shaped for ultimate ease-of-use. Although we try our best to avoid processing the sounds in our demo tracks too much, we do take the time to put sounds through a series of tests to check things like dynamic range, realistic velocity, ability to accept effects (saturation, distortion, resampling, stretching, reverb, etc), how it handles different approaches to EQ and compression, etc. Each and every one of the samples in the The Magic Drum Orchestra Samba Drums & Percussion sample collection shined in this area.

Below is a short demo track we put together to show off how well the sounds in The Magic Drum Orchestra Samba Drums & Percussion sample collection work together. Keep in mind that no significant processing of any kind has been applied. Other than a small amount of panning and EQ work (to avoid muddiness), what you hear is what you can expect when you begin working with these sounds yourself.



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