Sample Pack Review: Severed Bits – Filth Waivers from Particular

This is one HOT collection of sounds! The Severed Bits series from Particular is great, but the Filth Waivers installment is going to blow you away!

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Glitch elements have made their way into most forms of modern music by now. And analog gear tweaking is back in a very big way! You can even hear sweeping cinematic works in big Hollywood blockbuster movies that rely heavily upon glitching and manipulating analog and modular gear. The crew over at Particular know what it takes to produce the finest quality bits of audio that you can simply drop into your projects and hear an instant impact. The Severed Bits series stands above most others in the category, but the Filth Waivers installment in particular is crammed full of highly useable and relevant sounds that can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of your music.

Good analog gear is one part of the magic that is happening throughout the Filth Waivers sample collection, but knowing how to incorporate them into a modern workflow featuring current and popular plugins is the masterful touch that you can expect to find in this set. These sounds have been created by feeding synthesizer and real world recorded textures through a parallel setup of transistor, valve and digital warping units modulating in offset, and blending them together through a pitch sensitive mixing process, creating quite a unique signature of beautifully and filthy texture loops.

Some of the gear used in the production of the Severed Bits – Filth Waivers collection: Origin modular systems, Virus TI2, Genoqs Nemo sequencer, Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture, Rodec Restyler, SSL X-Rack system, SSL G series compressor, Tonelux OTB16, API 2500, Elysia Xpressor, Kush Clariphonic, and a whole armada of exotic VST effect plugins.

Filth Waivers contains:

  • 62 100BPM Filthy Texture Loops
  • 51 110BPM Filthy Texture Loops
  • 32 120BPM Filthy Texture Loops

Below is a short demo track featuring sounds found in the Filth Waivers sample collection alongside some simple drums. No processing of any kind has been used aside from some EQ cuts in the low frequencies to keep the mix clean and a touch of gating on one element to enhance the rhythmic quality of the track. A total of about 15 sounds were used from the pack and layered in ways that show off their ease-of-use and compatibility. A total of 10 minutes was spent on sound selection and arrangement. No mixing or mastering applied. So what you hear is exactly what you can expect when you begin using these sounds for yourself.



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