Cubase 6.5 – Padshop and Retrologue Synths

Whose up for Cubase 6.5 ? This is one outstanding upgrade – with 2 new mega synths from Steinberg
Out-of-this-world atmospheres Padshop introduces a new way of granular sound design. Get yourself ready for out-of-this-world atmospheres, far-out effects and a user interface that’s a breeze to work with. Padshops features two independent layers that are based on an individual oscillator source and generate up to eight different grain streams. The edit section gives you access to parameters that really matter, including the high-quality low, high and band-pass as well as band-rejection filters with an integrated distortion unit. Two envelopes, two LFOs and the Step Modulator can be used to modulate a large number of target parameters. And with the built-in modulation and delay effects you can drive the pace for high tension atmospheres. Padshop is armed with over 400 presets that showcase the kaleidoscope-like nature of this extraordinary synth. Expect the unexpected and take your sound to spectacular new heights — Padshop is the go-to solution for breathtaking pads, driving structures and far-out effects.

Ideal for creating fat and funky lead and bass sounds, Retrologue offers those old-school analog synth sounds and biting sonic blocks that will enrich every modern music production substantially. At the heart of this cutting instrument are two carefully modeled oscillators each with up to eight detunable voices alongside an earth-shattering sub and noise oscillator. Packed into a straightforward interface, Retrologue brings back the sound of analog circuitries and vintage warmth. Retrologues extensive preset library features 300 presets and comes with timeless and modern synthesizer sounds — from heavy weight monophonic basses and razor-sharp leads to driving grooves and polyphonic stabs. Grab your keyboard and start creating memorable hooks!

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